Don't answer any weird number calls of your phone and even your office if not then you will regret!!!!!!! / little do you know

8 August 2018


_it's the first and ever scam call that tricked me successfully but so lucky that I am safe eventually TOT

Its Tuesday morning,
as usual,I work early in the morning in my tuition centre and busy in rushing all the topics and students' bundles of exercises besides checking their homeworks.

Ya,I am alone and all of the works I have to handle myself from small to big and of course the calls of centre.

Same with today
I received a call with a weird number's usual that I always received those weird calls with weird number in my work place.
Even I know that that is weird number but I will accept the calls always as this is what should I do but
If the weird number appear in my own mobile
Sure that I won't answer it
But sadly.
Let's see how they tricked me. ToT

All the fake calls  are just about
Hello,dimaklumkan bahawa pihak tuan ada jumlah wang yang sebanyak tiga ribu lapan ratus tiga puluh tujuh ringgit telah tertunggak dalam bank y.

Every time I will listen to it carefully in order to catch up all the informations correctly in once time call so that I can send the message to my boss accurately.

It's fake call.
From n years ago I already keep on receiving all of these calls every two or three months but these few months seems like increase.

Not only calls from the centre.
Even my phone.
Different and different patterns of number.
You didn't receive the call,they tried another day with another number.
Keep on call my phone number like that almost four five times within one week caused me so worried that maybe it's some important calls from anyone. else.

But do you know what happened next when i decided to receive the call,
The caller didn't speak any word and I just 🙄🙄🙄
and ok,i hang up that phone who is so impolite.

See la,pattern more than badminton.

The story didn't just ended up with that.

The following week,
the number that have no sound called me again and I just straight away answered the call.

I thought who is that
Actually it's a call from my bank who recommend what insurance that is so worth so good so nice that you are the lucky person that they picked to call

I know that there wouldn't something that is so good that drop from the sky suddenly.

Everything that you receive you must pay back.
No such free lunch.
Of course I won't believe these such good things will happened to me.

So after that I gave some excuses that I have to think first to reject them and they asked me for the time that I give them reply,I just simply give a date,then.

When the date that I gave them to give me my reply to them reach,they really called me XD
even they called me repeat and repeat but I just ignored it and apologized in my heart stealthily that I am so bad XD
See la,the impolite person.

And they don't even want to give up even though I reject them by not answering their call and
We should learn this good attitude from them.
Not to give up forever to get what you want LOL

 I don't even dare to accept it as I feel sorry to reject even I know that they are not the good-heart person or if they are I won't believe that there is something that so good.

 You think I am not wise !? Sorry and bye bye xD

Yup.the story end up here and



Here is another story that waiting to rise up.

One recently morning,
when I reach centre
the colleague walked to me  and asked me with her scary face that have I borrow any money from y bank as she received a call just now that informed her the things.

I told her not to scare as there is always have those nonsense calls like that in centre.

The calls really OMG one.
The amount of the calls seems so packed and in one afternoon when I and my colleague were resting in office and we received that call from y bank again.

Its all the same thing.
What company owe them how much....

We started discussing what's about that things,
I did tell my boss that the bank had call you tagt you owe them money but my boss just answered me with her face that full with question marks : No wor~~~~~~

It's that the money is really owe by someone but why n years already still the same thing ya.

"Aiya,don't care about it la.We don't owe then enough.Care less",I pursued my colleague calmly.


Back to that starting.

I accept a weird call with a damn weird number but I just accept it as it's call from the centre but not my phone and I should extra awake but I am not that time!

Its a system call and the system girl talk something that I always hear what you owe them 3xxx  ...

My mind has remind me that haiya is that nonsense calls again but I still keep my patience to hear what is that as it might be some important calls to centre therefore
I have the responsibility to hear all of it patiently.

The system girl said:
 you owe 3xxx and this is call from x bank,if you want to ask in details please press 9.

(what the x and what I heard !?
Why change already not y bank meh!?always is y bank but now is x bank!??????)

The x bank is the bank that I borrow my loan for my very first new car and why did I owe three thousands and I don't know!!!!!!!??????
(So my mind start nervous which make me so blur to press 9 to hear what had happened as the y bank did call to my centre before to ask about my things)

Good morning ,what can I help you?

Can I know that is that I owe any money from x bank and because recently I have borrow my loan from your bank and can I know the what had happened???

(How stupid am I that I pour out so many details and I shouldn't do that but let the liar tell me what happen as they call me first right!?)

Ok miss,please tell me your name and I check for you first

A mean while

Hello miss,we found that that is not your centre that owe that amount of money but is you Miss Chin and we found that is not your company that owe the amount but is Miss Chin
Miss Chin has borrowed loan from our bank for RM50000 and just now the RM3xxx is the amount of three months that I never pay them back.

Wait,sorry,I did not borrow that much!

Are you sure?


If like that did you pass your IC or information to anybody recently?

No.(No la of course😤)

Ok,miss Chin if like that we feel that someone had use your account to borrow money from us and now you should report to police and please jotted down all the information from me.
And Miss Chin can you tell us your IC number?

Then I tell them without thinking.(haiz,don't be like ziuwei,never!)

"What the x.
Who want to use my account to borrow money.
No one lo!!!!"
My mind and my heart start sweating but I just follow what she told me as that time I really feel so helpless that I suddenly owe that much of money and that is the first time of me to face this kind of problem=_=

Miss Chin,do you have pen and paper with you now?
(walao,you see they are so intelligent to create you a real situation and the sound of their background is just like the real bank which I answered recently)

(I answered her while keep digging why that will happen to me and I still not yet realised that it was a scam call.)

Hello,is there is pen and paper with you now?
She asked me twice.

I answered her while I was trying hard to calm down myself.

 She tell me everything patiently.
You see.This is what I jotted down in that morning.

008527933406 is the number that call my centre why am I so stupid to answer omg.

She said that the person used my account to borrow the money at 24/4/1028 and the loan pass at 2/5/2018.

She gave me the account number.
The amount money that the person who use my IC to borrow money and the arrears that I have to pay back.

She still provided me with her name and even her staff id and it's all like real one and haiz.

What the x.
Like real one!still advise me to report to police!!!!!!!!(arrrrghhhhh)

After i jotted down what she told

She told me to repeat all the details that to her to avoid mistakes(wtx r really like real one and why am I so naive a wake up lo ziuwei ,shoulf slap you one)

So I read one by one of the information to her until the end and!
 when I reached the end of all the information
She hang up my call !!!!!!!

where got bank suddenly end up their call like that one..

I was like just woke up and the weird number just reflect back in my mind again.

Oh my goodness is that something went wrong and I gave my IC and my full name,shitttttt

It's that scam call!?walao,I am like in trapped already.
I was still worry that what the caller said is real.
But really no one want to betrayed me like that wor,who got that sohai!?!

So,immediately,i search the number of x bank from internet and asked it clearly to confirm everything.

"Hello miss Chin,you don't have any arrears and I think that is a scam call and you should report to police."

Chicken a.
I kena tipu.

So have the question of :  you no need to teach meh miss Chin ?

That day because of this call I have really no heart to continue my work and I just want to go out to settle everything outside but I still have to complete all my works first.

I went through all the lighting and heavy rains thatin fluttered in my heart TOT

My money!my ic!if they take it to do anything that bad then how with me TOT
That moment I just want to went out to solve these all shitty problems TOT

I should go to my bank and ask them what should I do first and then l just make report to police,I planned it in my heart.

When it was my turn to the bank counter
I tell my situation just not enough for two sentences:
Good morning today I received a scam call..

Why you answered that call,aiyo,so now do you want to freeze or close up your account?

Is that a must if I make a report to police about my case?

What informations that you gave her?

My IC and full name.

IC and full name only? Did you give your pin number?


Do you give them your account number?


Then no need la,you just need to close your account then safe.

My heart released.

I am so lucky again that I am safe and I  spend my lunch time in the bank in that afternoon to settle all of that.

I shouldn't panic when I heard something wrong just from a call from centre plus the number was too weird and I was too blur when they said that my centre own money but not me ah(ziuwei ,like to dreaming always la like that now is your lesson!)

I will blur as before that the bank that I borrow loan had make a call to my centre to ask about me and this time they will call my centre again to tell about my things also not weird


As you see what had happened to me,
Never ever to answer the weird number calls even from your centre or else you just jotted down what they say and please bear in mind that don't believe them so fast even you're so worry

and what you should do are:

Don't give any of your information to them

Don't panic and please keep calm

Don't only believe one people's saying and trust all of it and confirm it with different pihak after the call and don't be like Ziuwei ok.

That's all.

They are too wise to trick you in so many ways and I am still feel that they are too terrible and scary  when I am typing this blog post to remind you my mummy TOT


Be aware ya all of my lovely readers and no worry with ziuwei as she learned from it and she won't blur and will always stay awake ,promise you and you promise me you protect yourself too ok 😘💞

That's all for today.
It's surprise for me in the early of August in 2018 lolllllllllll.xDDDD

Gonna sleep la,so sleepy now zzZ
Goodnight and sweet dreams every one 😘💞💞






_a terrible experience of ziuwei recorded💢

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