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30 October 2018

Kellie's Castle is a castle located in Batu Gajah, Perak,Malaysia which is the unfinished,ruined mansion that built by William Kellie-Smith,a Scottish planter in Malaysia.


Before starting to talk about its story, let's follow me to explore every must take photos corner!!!😄

#Must take photos corners

Tell you some secrets.

It's a popular for wedding photography too~

But I think couples also like to take photos here😆
His angle :3

Her angle.😈

You can call her ah x.
She likes this nickname from moon and back xD

Ah x saw money on the floor but ah x wanted to own it alone so ah x acted calm so that photographer won't realized.

Ah x is smart.
Be like ah x.

Ruins of St. Paul's***
Haha,jk jk.it's Kellas House!😂 
Like the Macao must go gate.agree!?xD

The lonely bra.
no typing mistakes.
He is my lonely bra.

The last person that I will introduce in this blog today.
He is scary boy.

Don't understand why he is scary!?
Later you will know.

Scary boy actually don't want to help ah x to pass through the bridge but scary boy knew that ah x picked a lot of money just now so scary boy got no choice.

He needed the money to travel with his lonely bra.

Scary boy felt so happy after helping ah x

Besides finally he can travel with lonely bra,
Scary boy felt so happy as he was proud that he managed to pass through the bridge with ah x no matter how hard was it.

Ah x act like ah loong.

Ah x looks so funny but don't let ah x knows that I told you this.

In the end,scary boy decided to bring ah x to travel with them.

Ah x feel as happy as the wind xD

Lovely bro^~<
Ooops,sorry,it's lonely bra.

See, that's the reason why he is called as scary boy.
You can see what he hold!?
He hold something that we can't see oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!


Let's scary boy bring you to visit whole Kellie's Castle while explaining you about some important facts about it.

Why it is important to know the facts!?
So that you can act like a pro to explain all the histories about it to your travel team!!!xD

Let's kick start!🕵👾

#something you need to know to act like a pro

The construction of Kellie's Castle began in 1915 ( time of the British Occupation of Malaya )

The owner,William was a wealthy,Scottish planter who made his fortune in Malaya by helping to construct public roads in South Perak.

There are 2 buildings actually.

The right one called as Kellas House while the left side building we called it as Kellie's Castle.

So we went to explore Kellas House first.

It is the first home where William stayed with his family.

The house was partially,destroyed during the 2nd World War. 

What is left of the first house is just,the foundation and parts of the wall.

The scary boy tell me that he is busy to eat his chicken now so let's ah x bring you to swim the second part of it.💞😘😆

It's the second and bigger mansion.

Kellies Castle construction started after the birth of his son,Anthony in 1915.

William hired Indians from Madras,South India as skilled laborers for the construction.
The bricks and marble were brought all the way from India.

On the way of the construction,
A deadly "Spanish flu" struck and killed many of the workers.

#the first floor

Let's go up!🙈
Get your view with linen room, guest room, the son's room, the daughter's room and master room at the first floor!🕵

(Ok continue the story here ya)

Thus,because of that,William was advised to build a Hindu temple in the vicinity to appease the gods.

After that they continued their way to 
build the mansion but..

As he went home to United Kingdom in 1926,
he died of pneumonia at the age of 56.

His wife then sold this place to a British company ( Harrisons and Crosfield ) and return to Scotland for good.

#ah x pose likea ah x oh god xD

William died in Lisbon,Portugal and was burried in British Cemetery.

It is said that his spirit roams at night especially along the corridors.

(Who knows that reading this paragraph I did have nightmare about it and I scared until I can remember vividly the whole process of my dreams(as I always can't recall what I dreamed xD)) 

Let you see the NG one.

Someone slap him please😒😒😒

The linen room!
(Where clean bed linen and table linen were stored)

#the second floor!
Hello,it's on the top of Kellie's Castle ok!? 😄

See what's he captured.

View from top.
Just normal.
So can you see where we park our car.xD!

The white bridge which you must go through to step in Kellie's Castle~

Wah,what is inside!?

Promise.Last story from me to you today ok ?!😂

This is the lift chaft (Bucket Lift)
for what would have been the first elevator in Malaya.

This castle is planned to have its own lift,but unfortunately,
The lift construction is never completed as William died from pneumonia in 1926.

So sad,all about died,go down now.

The left part of Kellie's Castle.

The leg take out.another go in abit.
Rude abit la ,look man abit what.

What's that omg..............(my bro yawned)

It's really not ok and I'm sorry xD

Scene behind the handsome photos.
It contains the sweat,the sweat and the sweat.xD


Pity ah x.
Waiting like a cow.

 Ah x never give up.
No matter how hot the sun and how strong the wind,
She wait them here patiently(😭)(author beh tahan,author is so touching😭)

 Where you go!?

 Ah x wait you wait until her face turn left like that of the strong wind😭

Still laugh😭

Stop laughing scary boy!!!!

Why you still laughing😭😭😭

 Can't you see that,ah x's face can't back to usual,she is still looking to left😭

 Fuyoooh,what's that!!!!!?????

Shit,is shit.
Move forward faster.
Too smelly.

Finally,because of the shit,ah x's face recovered and they live happily ever after.


Specially thanks for the three actors.
Big clap to them! xD
_their pretty moment recorded💗💞😘
_memory of 1/5/18
_wrote on 16/10/18

-----the end-----

#won't forget one~~haha
Here are the 10 reasons why you must go to pay a visit at Kellie's Castle!

What's the reason?

1.Because the place is pretty.

2.Because can take nice photos.

3. Same as the second reason

4.Same as the second reason

5.Same as the second reason

6.Same as the second reason

7.Same as the second reason

8.Same as the second reason

9.Same as the second reason

10.Same as the second reason

I am honest and I know it  xD

Sorry for talking trash and I hope you enjoy this!
see you in the blog!~😘💖

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