35, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia

Ipoh cafe | dé Cafe & rest house | 后面当前门进的咖啡馆😂

7 November 2018

Before introducing,
let's guess which is their entrance!


Or this?

The answer is the second picture!
unique enough to discover the cafe and this make me felt so excited after I knew that there is a cafe located at here actually XD

Nah,show you the interior design for you before following Ziuwei to step into de Cafe.

Highly recommended for those who likes tranquil and not too crowded place to sit down and kick start their own personal time.
It's a cafe and rest room.(talking trash again)
It's located near concubine lane.(二奶巷)
It have cool and quiet environment which you can't miss😀😀😀

Is the street of the entrance but guess what happens next...XD

Let's these two buffaloes show you the correct way on how to go in de Cafe~
[tell you some secrets stealthily here:they enter de Cafe in their back door XDDDDDD!!!]
The buffaloes.

#don't go in from their back door 😶

Nah,don't say I never tell you,
go in from here.

If you don't wanna knock wall,then turn left
Believe Ziuwei,
She is always right.

*Ziuwei is smart
  Be like Ziuwei

See,their cozy entrance.

go in la.

Why you still stand here.can go in I said

The way that leads you to their rest room.

Jiang jiang.I can stop typing and may use your eyes to feel the peaceful and relax atmosphere.

Always spot for water XD


And besides hanging out to discover some hidden gem in Ipoh,
this time outing is to....

celebrate someone's birthday~~
Make a wish in 3 seconds
Let's eat the cake yuhuuuuuuuuuu~~!!!

My friend is unique.
She likes to eat plastic.

We ordered this cake.
Forget what x is this.
that time feel the cake name is so special so I ordered it.
This one not my plate of cake.
not recommend but you can try though as we all have different taste buds  XD

This one can try!
I like this one and I remembered its name.
Matcha lava cake!

Don't lay on me.
I say don't.
your head,oh my god...Cannot!!

I already lack of market.
This time my market sure all gone😭😭😭

ala ala,kidding la.say happy birthday to her.
(Past already long time ago xD)

#Shooting time📸

Ada harimau.

Harrimau tengok pun lari.

Tunggu nanti ada singa tak.

senyuman singa tengok pun mati.

Kami bangga dengan kami sendiri🙍

#Nearby shooting area 😈

All the best to both of us.


All the best to you too.

Hang out in my Ipoh recorded.✔
Ipoh hidden gem discovered.✔
Thanks for reading and see you in the next post!❤

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35 Jalan Sultan Iskandar 30000 Ipoh,Perak.

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