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10 November 2018

Feel bored with western food?
Here is the must try nyonya food in Ipoh!

It is just located in Jalan Sambanthan

Which opposite the stg.

Here it is.

The cafe is wide and comfortable.

It's newly opened since July.

It has two parts of dining areas and another part of it is for selling some souvenirs and handicrafts.

Suitable for big group of family and whoever,haha.

#Let's go for the first part

#The second part

#And the last part!

The entrance of the souvenirs side😃

Handicraft which made by people with disabilities from vocational training centre.

Some antique items

and Ipoh coffee!

#Yes,it's time for food

Actually not plan to come here as one of us.

I come with 2 friends which one of them came here already one week before while another one don't like western food😰

Despite the fact that the nyonya rice here is a little pricey but
It's worth the value as it's tasty

And so
The friend who had came here just before one week ago recommended this cafe however she came here a week before😆
The signature nasi kerabu &
Rendang ayam with fried rice!!!

Johor's friend keep saying this tasty
This one good
Luckily we came out from another cafe just now(a western food cafe which its food is quite pricey too)
And he felt bored with the western food so after that

Three of us decided to exit that cafe and approach here😜

see the egg😻

Mix of lunch and breakfast.😆

Nutella chocolate and butter toast,yummy!😋

Must eat this momochacha.
Must eat
Must eat
Must eat

Ok.sorry.no more must.
You decide!😆

 Photos shoot shoot before leaving😆

Bye Dong😆

#on the way finding dong with sweetie😆

That's all for today.
Enjoy yourself~
See you guys in the next post.😘❤

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