27 October 2019

Bello 🌟
It's time to change your hair colour as Christmas is around the corner (and continously with Chinese New Year which is in the end of January!) 

OK. I know it is too early to change colour as you know.. 
Let me show you

My expression is just like that when I take picture with my jelly and unhealthy colour hair. Sometimes. 

I did cover my bleached hair by dark brown but in the end the colour still dropped and it back to unhealthy colour which make me always headache and eager to change my hair colour. 

Photos from hatitude saloon

I wish to bleach my hair into this colour but I want to keep my hair long and I don't wish to cut my hair again as my hair is hard to grow long like other girls😭

In addition to that my hair now is dry like hell, if I did not use conditioner for my hair I will use at least 30 minutes to comb my hair . I wish to have this colour but I prefer long smooth hair so come to the conclusion in between brown and black I either choose one. 

So you know what.
When I shopping alone to spot some discount things. I found this colour!!!

L'ORÉAL is always my first choice as my hair won't get dry but even smoother after the process.

But loreal doesn't have new colour that attract me to buy it but LIESE HAIR BUBBLE did the good job as its colour is various and always comes out with new series and let's see the outcome!!!

The colour is not 100% with your results.
So... Don't expect too much but expect too as it may bring surprise to you XD

Suprise here mean for those who had a bleach their hair.
The colour of the might brighten up your day!

The steps is just so easy but their instruction is too complicated to make those first user to feel anxious.

No worry.

Follow jiejie. You will get good results.

Put 1. Into 2.
Turn the bottle but don't shake to mix the solution well.

change 3. as bottle cap. (I know, quiet pls🤣)

Squeeze the bubble to cover every roots of your hair, use a plastic bag to cover your hair and wait for thirty minutes.

Wash your hair 2 times and apply conditioner (4.) that given.

Under sun will get ashy grey colour.

My unhealthy hair covered successfully xD


Grey colour when it it meets some lights.

The colour is not so obvious I am happy with it.

Chocolate from top and ashy blue / green on the bottom.

colour when at outdoor.

Ehhh, dark grey is there a and some blue

Like this.

And it seems like black most of the time xD

And when it surprises me when meets the sun.

And back to black xD

Come to conclusion again, 
I like this colour but my hair is dry as before as I Liese hair dye is not like L'Oréal hair dye. 

And one thing I need to remind you that is liese hair dye is hard to dye (means hard to change colour). 

It is because I have failed to change hair colour before but after I bleached my hair I did it. 

Erm.. Like older said one thing have its own positive side but negative exist too. 
Just like L'Oréal will smoothen your hair but only a few choices and Liese have many choices but your hair will not get smoother than the hair before dying. 

Just depends on your heart. XD

So that's all la. 
Hope this help you and wish you have a pretty Christmas with pretty hair colour!❤️❤️❤️

Blink blink. Goodbye. See you. Love you. 😆❤️💕🌈🐳🦄

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  1. Does the hair colour remain black or will it fades to brown after awhile??

    1. hi j
      will fade away
      colour can last for 2/3months~


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