Penang trip | my awesome motor rangers | 我的飘逸团队🛵💨😆

19 October 2019

This time became leader, to lead six cute children behind us by motorbike. 

One hand hold my boyfriend and the other hand hold phone. 

Right brain cautious with the road condition while left brain focus on GPS. 

Butt blooming as sit too long time on motorbikes just to reach each of the destination. 

But quite enjoyed as never imagine that so many person with so many motorbikes will create a great memories in my 2019😆

I enjoy the scenery instead.. eherm 

The cloud is so pretty

Omg, you see

Is GIRL GOD flying down towards us, OMG

And she smile at me!!! 

This is girl God's friend. 

Her name is girlfriend. 

You can call her girlfriend 💕😆😆😆

What are you talking about girl?!

Ahboy, stand so high very dangerous..

Ya, ah boy, come down better.. 

Ahboy, you can sit like this, gogo teach you

All pls keep calm, I want to start talking about the best part of this trip! 

#The best part : Escape park penang

Most of the photos in extreme park were captured by extreme park's photographer as it quite inconvenient to bring phone when you play all the 'high risk' and challenging games and because (all of us were busy to play all the games inside the whole escape park!!!) 

**Buy tickets earlier can get cheaper price as the ticket is getting pricey when you buy within one week before the date you visit. 

Most enjoyable activity is flying fox! Just need to move a few steps then you can enjoy the fun of hang on on the string and fly, it was too excited xD!!!!! 

However it's abit wasted as no one was willing to sacrifice their time to take the photos xD

I thought I won't challenge but I did challenge as I am playful because my friend is playful 🤫😂

Can try this but not to waste too much time on this as there are still exists a lot of games hosted in this environment. 

Banana flip! 

they all participated in this water stunts competition. 

See their pattern more than badminton which ended up with they so won the prize!

Speed racer. 

OK, after that of course play as much as we could. 

Family twister. 

Ready to fly xD

平静兴奋 和 猖狂兴奋 的强烈对比😂

Stomach said it not willing to show face xD

First time play water games with this guy! Of course need to record xD

Another couples 🤫

So the prize of the competition in the beginning is the shirt of the guy that beside me : FLIPPER OF THE DAY! XD

#Penang signature spots

Decided to visit landmark but not hidden gem as some of us never visit here. So here we went:

_Kek Lok Si Temole
_Penang ferry
_Penang Hill

power rangers of the day!!! XD

Couple of the day!!! 

Small kid of the day 😆

Buy so much as it only RM1 each,then hang on the tree behind and make some wish. 

Cable car. 

Laksa near Kek lok si temple must try as it is too delicious!

But actually we need this the most as afternoon in penang is too hot😫

Say cheese XD

Is that shark!?

Shark is under us! 

Let me take a photo before catching it🙈

Catch shark experience😆

Awesome catch shark team👏😂

Then head on to Penang HILL by passing through the penang Bridge with fascinating sun set view with my super piaoyi motor rangers xD

Our helmet photo😍😂

And all of us should have a photo of helmets but.. Its OK, I know to edit. 😌

Oh my fairy rabbit rangers!!! 💕😍😆😆😆


You know how tired to sit motor for whole day long xD

some of my 飘逸 team had gone wrong way when heading to here, thus we reached the top at this time. 

The cool atmosphere had waken up we all and brighten up our night as all of us actually quite pekcek as our body and hair is sticky and smelly! XD

Snap photo again. XD

Night view💕

Single and available. 

Instagram : kelvin_loon9325

penang Hill dessert

can tryXD



One word to describe the feeling of eating here : SYOK!!! 

Can you imagine what is the food portion of 6 big boys plus two girls, we eat a lot but just pay below RM150!

There are many food to choose and all fresh despite the fact that it just a little stall.


My best friend xD

#Chew jetty, Tan jetty..... 

Because one night before all guys went for drinks and they couldn't wake up in the early of morning, so later on will only appears couples group who sleep early and wake up early🤫

Come, jiejie bring you act B

Pls follow me

I will show you how I walk on the bridge☺️

And I will teach you how to hold your boyfriend's hand

And how to hold girlfriend's hand

How to sit on bridge😌

Can you feel who is the one who always make decision for things 🤫😆

Can you tell me what they saw xD

In front VS behind the scene. 🤷‍♀️

Ahh... Sky turn darkkkkk
Ah boy ah girls, stop taking photos, it's time to back! 

oh, nonono,thought that finish? 

Gogo bring you eat lunch lunch! 


if you wish to eat penang Street food, come here as you won't go wrong as everything is nice(sincerely praising from the bottom of my little heart XD)


Char kue tiao. 
This is the best char kuey tiao that I have eat in penang, I swear

Chee cheong fun 


Durian ice-cream!!! 

Their curry is so damn nice. 

And other food. 
Rice is normal but noodles is nice. 

Single and available😌

Instagram : kelvin_loon9325

New experience as I get dark skin after this trip as keep on exposed to sun and my butt which is almost flat as keep on sitting on the motorbike. 😂

However it worth as I found the happiness when I was young, to cooperate in a small trip team, to feel the laughters of big groups, to take care of each others, to tolerate each others....... 

Thanks for adding colours in my life in JB which seems so lonely yet so happy. 

Why I want to talk like I am going to leave this world. CHOI XD


Know that this blog is too long to go through but I just want to record down all the memories and clear the photos.. in my phone🤫😂

Well, it's time to say goodnight and sweet dream my sweeties and handsome~

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